For Children


Program title
Body and movement
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Voice and speech

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Acting skills

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academic hours


academic hours

Number of students in group
“For a successful life”
5500 €

“For a successful life”

For whom?
For children and teenagers from 10 to 16 years old. (A preliminary meeting is required before the student is sent on training courses.)

What subjects?

1. “Voice and Speech”. Voice training and the skill to use it effectively.
2. “Body and Movement”. Declamping (uncontrolled muscle stress and corresponding psychological complexes). Attractive gait and posture.
3. “Acting Skills”. Development of the child’s personal abilities, including such qualities as charm and charisma, emotional maturity and good memory. Skill in communicating with people, both peers and adults. Ability to understand his/her own emotional state and to control it as far as possible. And much more.

What outcome?
After graduating the training course your children will become natural, bright, charming and attractive personalities. They will feel “like a fish in water” when communicating with other people. They will develop their intuition and acquire skill in using it for communication.