Alexander Kozlov. CEO of company "Ronikon".


The time spent in the Business-Theater leaves the ecstatic impression associated with communion with very interesting people – fellow students and teachers. All classes are held in continuous search of new opportunities for student voice, facial expressions, kinestaticheskih abilities. In this process, teachers and students are included with tremendous enthusiasm, watch each other, help each other. It is amazing to see the results of the progress of each student, because the changes are visible after each session.
Moreover after school we talked enthusiastically received new skills, share experiences, and so every time, from object to object, exercise to exercise, always all-new, all Interestingly, all with great benefit to their own development.
From the very first lesson you will plunge into a world unknown to you before things such as the controlled management of voice, emotion, walk, learn to see in the people around those habits, behavior that had never before noticed. During the sessions, which take place in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, the teachers give the students a lot of useful tips personal to help develop their personalities, communication skills, a better feel of other people.
Heartily recommend to take a course in Business-Theater. Knowledge and skills you receive in the learning process will help you go even one step in your professional, spiritual and creative development!