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We collected interesting observations of life, phrases and thoughtso f different authors. If you have phrases to add, we are glad to receive your letter.

Here, you will find some interesting observations about life, in the phrases and ideas of different authors. If you have something to add, we look forward to receiving your letter.


In order to be happy, you should have a skill that you are satisfied with.

Have you been involved in the study of psychology? Perhaps, in spite on your great efforts, you have not succeeded in discovering anything that would help you to become a cheerful, successful person who knows how to enjoy life?

There is a power through which you can earn, achieve, expand, but which you can lose as well. That power is determined by money and position in society. But there is a power which is always with you, and is much more difficult to lose. This power is your personal charm.
You do not need much skill to make of use of the first power, but it does not work in all cases. The second power is always effective, but requires sufficient skill.
In fact, the power of personality is the basis of the power of money and social status.

To live is always to go by jet.

Eyes, which radiated strength and confidence.

The congressman’s behaviour was perfect. He did not behave like a lord, did not emphasize that his power was causing me to break the rules. He spoke calmly and amiably, adopting the right tone.

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