You can teach me how to manipulate people?

Yes. We can do it, too. The important thing is that our students understand this is not the most effective way of communicating. On the manipulation cannot build a lasting relationship, especially with high-level people, with smart people. In such cases you must have magnetism of its own individuality.
After training, you’ll see that in most cases there is no need to expend energy to manipulate when people support you because they likes.

Do I need a natural talent for study in “Business-Theatre”?

Due to the Stanislavsky system and our unique techniques you can to master skills without innate talent. The main thing – it’s your desire!

Do you guarantee receiving skills, which are described on the site?

Yes. We are sure in learning outcomes. All of our teachers have a clear awareness of a certain frontier, through what we will carry out our students.

How long is the training?

For the different programs, it is different.
If you take the most popular program – “Top Manager”, then from the set of options of timetables you can select the two most popular:
- 8 weeks (2 months) by three times a week with evening classes from 19.00 to 22.15;
- 12 training days “leave from production” from 10.00 to 18.00. They are held for 2 weeks of training at a time or in 2 stages in 6 days. This graph is commonly used by regional groups.

How to see the lessons

Students are usually against the presence of “spectators” in the classroom. But to get an idea of what we teach and the level of teaching, you can meet with a representative of “Business-Theater”. At the meeting, you can ask all your questions and to see available photo and video materials. For corporate clients in Moscow, there is introductory lesson, which consists of lessons on “acting skills” and “voice and speech.” Its value is equivalent to 2,500 euros.

What will give me training?

You will be able to communicate without problems almost with any persons and achieve in this communication goals. You’ll get more pleasure from intercourse and from life itself.
You will discover the diversity of your individuality and will become a natural, bright, attractive person, to which will be attracted other people. You will develop the ability to use intuition to communicate. You’ll to set a voice and will learn to use his abilities. You’ll to master the art of walking. And much more.

Who teaches at the “Business-Theater”?

Our teachers are a source of our pride. Russian School of Performing Arts is considered the best in the world. A Moscow Art Theater School, no doubt, is a world leader in the training of the actors.

We have the best of the best.

A small detail: the Hollywood stars incognito take lessons from our teachers.

What distinguishes “Business-Theater” from other schools of acting skills?

Our “three pillars” are:
- The world’s best teachers;
- A unique own technique, based on the Stanislavsky system;
- Great experience teaching students from our target group, gained over the years of work.
In addition, one name Moscow Art Theatre School speaks for itself – it’s theatrical school number one in the world.