CEO and owner

For top managers, who seek to become owner.


“He is a bad soldier who does not want to be a general.”
A.V. Suvorov.


Since the activities of our company is closely linked with business owners and top managers of companies, I had a great experience of communicating with them.

Owner at once can be determined by an understanding of life, a sense of deep inner calm, confidence (not to be confused with arrogance, ostentatious “greatness”), by a sense of satisfaction from the implementation of planned and self-realization.

The owner – a person who is in first place. He is the leader. He is the master. He is responsible for himself and all he created. He is “the head of the pride.” He risks. He wins. He is the last and highest court. Figuratively speaking, he has nobody to blame. He is the “Moscow” in the phrase “nowhere to retreat – behind Moscow.”

Top manager risk  the place of work and salary, while the owner is often risk  whole business. Accordingly, there is a difference in worldviews. One is ready for a meaningful, serious risk. He understands that this is one of parts of fulfilling life. Other not yet understood it and therefore not ready to put this risk in his live.

In a rented top manager is almost always felt his desire to seem more significant. He still feels that he is not the first person and it just intuitively felt by others.

To move from the category of top managers in the category of owners, need to take a risk, take the uncertainty of life, to take the world as it really is, and learn how to operate effectively putting into practice the plan. In this case, we should understand that the reason for setting goals, take actions as their own and so, especially, other people will be just you.

To be successful owner is required, firstly, to see clearly reality, and secondly, to define clearly the target, and thirdly, to be able to achieve this goal using all the tools of his personality. The first and second things are achieved through reflections on life, thinking about past mistakes, reading good books, communicate with successful and intelligent people.

On the third thing I will say a little more. One of the most important tools for any leader is his ability to manage other people in the broadest sense of the word. I It means being a person with whom others always want to communicate and deal with, the person to whom others are drawn, and the man for whom people are willing to go “on the edge of the Earth.” It means being someone who enjoys life and can give that feeling to others. And one of the best ways to find this tool – it’s specialized training for business, based on the Stanislavsky system, using the technique of acting.
Let for someone else this article will be the drop in the crowded vessel, which will help to make an important decision and start to act. Good luck!


Vyacheslav Frolov.