Intuition and business

What is important in business? What makes money and success?

Unusual solutions. New ways. Coordinated team. Ability to understand people. Read and understand the feelings and thoughts of people. Ability to build relationships.

Do all these areas, all-powerful logic?

The answer is well known – no. The logic is very important, but not all cases can be applied. But these cases are often crucial and decisive.

Laws of life are united and working in all areas. And like most discoveries in science is done by an intuitive findings, and in business most successful solutions – the fruit of intuition.

Successful businessmen know that many of the essential and original business decisions are made not only by the rational-analytic methods, but with the help of intuitive insights and tips. Managers primarily use intuition:
- When it comes to evaluating people;
- If the problem should be solved very quickly;
- If on the basis of incomplete information should be presented a complete picture;
- When it comes to finding of principal new solutions.

Intuition, intuition – it’s all good with words. Where does it come from? What is its mechanism? How does it work?
The mechanism of intuition used by living beings from earlier times, rather than appear logical thinking, and began working with the advent of the simplest living organisms. In microorganisms there is no special area of the brain, no organs of sense in the usual sense, but they somehow feel threatened or food, such as making decisions and moving. Question: on what basis? Answer: Based on information received from the outside, ie from the outside world and, in particular, surrounding living beings. The very way of transmitting and receiving information to us is not yet known. But it is enough that we know what it is.
We are the people who are made up of many such single-celled organisms. We are an association, corporation, state of living cells. And because they have become part of one great whole, they have not lost their ability to obtain information from the outside.
Our cells have received the information. What happens next?
The activity of the brain and transmission of information carried by the movement of neurons along the nerve channels of the brain. But the nerve channels exist not only in the brain. They are all over our body. And information received by the cells of our body is transferred to neurons in the nerve endings that are located throughout the body. Further, these small streams nerves merge to form larger “streams”, then “the river” (nerve centers), who finally fall into the “ocean” – the spinal cord. All information from the cell body “takes off” in the spinal cord, which completely controls our body. The brain performs only a supervisory role, but does not directly control the vital functions of the body.
We are approaching important. Then, the spinal cord sends these control signals to the head. From this stage of the process, we can speak of a conscious brain activity.
Signals are sent at all times. But as far as the brain, ie, our consciousness, is able to use this information – it is another matter. And this skill is the ability to receive intuitive information, or simply – intuition.
So, if seen from a physiological point of view, the intuition – the ability of our brain (our mind) to use the information that is sent from the spinal cord, which in turn was obtained from each cell of the body. At the same spinal cord sends these signals at all times.
We reached a very important topic: the development of intuition.
Development of intuition – the development of the ability to use information obtained always. And this ability develops! It can and should be developed! There are techniques guaranteed its success. And, in whatever area the person has started to develop his intuition, then it can be developed and used in any of the other sides of his life.
Incidentally, the widely held view that women have better intuition than men. This is not so. I’ll try to explain. With the targeted development (and this confirms our experience) intuitive abilities of men and women are equal. So that sex differences in this area do not. There are differences, dictated by social roles, preferences, and common education. And because of these differences, women are much more likely to use their intuition. It is a fact.
Let us illustrate. Take the situation: a business woman had a “bad” dream. And in the morning she had planned an important, decisive meeting. Most likely, she felt something was wrong, postpone the meeting under any pretext or simply do not come, and then find an explanation, although the formal logical connection between her sleep and foreboding and the upcoming meeting would not. Then she paused and for some time stands by to return to this matter and is likely to successfully complete it.
What is likely to make a businessman in a similar situation? He decides, “You never know what dreamed and took it into my head. I put so much strength, and do not intend to postpone the meeting because of some nonsense. Am I some sort of a sentimental young lady? I am a man and nothing will stop me”. He will go to a meeting and most likely it will end without result or failure.
There are in one case “typically feminine way of thinking” in another “typically male” from the perspective of society. Such models are laid by society since childhood, and encouraged in the future. Therefore, women are much more likely to use intuition in everyday affairs and in business. The men hesitate to do it – it’s not a man.
We stopped at ways to develop intuition. I know a good way of development which has been used for almost a hundred years old and works great in the field of human communication – it is acting training in the Stanislavsky.

What give the use of intuition in communion?
The ability to feel emotions of another person and understand what is going on in his soul, what he seeks, which is desired. The ability to understand what kind of person in front of you. Ability to understand in what condition he is now. Ability to establish an invisible, intuitive relationship with another person. (This is a skill I personally was very helpful when negotiating for a couple with my partner.)
One of the aspects of intuition: there is a purely physiological sympathy or antipathy to some people.
Let us summarize. Using the insight provided in the first place, the channel instantaneous receipt of the most valuable, reliable information about another person, group of people and situations associated with them, and secondly, if necessary, the ability to establish communication with people on an intuitive level.
There is a viewpoint  that trust intuition, one should not, because it gives the correct solution is not in all cases. There is subtlety and it is very important. There is information that is feelings and emotions caused by intuition, but there are induced by the fears and complexes. We must learn to distinguish between them! This, in particular, are taught at the acting skills and with experience this ability develops to a very high level.
In conclusion, I would say that the emotional and logical thinking naturally complement each other. Reason and intuition are in a state of cooperation, the fruitfulness of which depends on your ability to use both of them. Intuition tells us the right way, and the mind – how best to pass.  Unfortunately, it often happens that we recognize a profound effect of intuition, but do nothing for its development. Delaying its development for the indefinite future, when we would like is more free time, we are engaged in self-deception.
So, develop your intuition and use it boldly in the business! It will bring you success and good luck!