Anna Lipyavko. Director of the fashion house "Aniya".

To be a leader even yet a small and And it’s great if the next teacher prosfriendly team – no easy task. Properly communicate with people, whether staff or clients to control the situation, to be interesting and persuasive, clearly convey the information, properly express emotions – that we are learning all the time. And it’s great if the next teacher pros. (And it’s great if near by your professional teachers.) And when they are themselves quite notordinary people: actors and theater teachers of universities – just super! This I found in “Business-Theater”. I’ve always been horrified of public speaking … Read more

Agassi Tutundzhan. General Director of JSC "MZTA".

When I learned of the existence of “Business-Theater”, then stuck the idea: in fact, they do what they promise or is it just a beautiful fairy tale. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and quality. In my opinion, these courses are particularly useful for successful and “advanced” persons, because not only will help them to become more successful, but even happy, open and cheerful.

Alexander Kozlov. CEO of company "Ronikon".

The time spent in the Business-Theater leaves the ecstatic impression associated with communion with very interesting people – fellow students and teachers. All classes are held in continuous search of new opportunities for student voice, facial expressions, kinestaticheskih abilities. In this process, teachers and students are included with tremendous enthusiasm, watch each other, help each other. It is amazing to see the results of the progress of each student, because the changes are visible after each session. Moreover after school we talked enthusiastically received new skills, share experiences, and so every time, from object to object, exercise to exercise, always … Read more

Timur Andreev, Director General of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Federal Complex The Kremlin".

I always remember with joy and warmth the time spent in the classroom in the Business-Theater. In each of us as a result of upbringing, the influence of the surrounding social environment, psycho-physical state lives a huge number of complexes and stereotypes. And these complexes and stereotypes often limit the ability of our development. In order to overcome the complex and expand the horizons of their ambitions, I sincerely advise you to be trained in the Business-Theater. You’ll see how well your life will change as business and personal and enjoyment that you get from this is worth the time … Read more

Galina Poddo. Psychologist, PhD, coach.

Education in the Business-Theater – it’s 3 in 1: 1. development of effective skills of acting for life; 2. advance to the next stage of individual development; 3. decision intrapersonal problems (if there is a request). And it’s interesting, intense, with fast and stable results without stress. And it features the highest level of professionalism!

Nastia Drozdova.

I want to like something nice, but … in general, business theater a great idea! I think it will be useful to go through each … At first, everything is perceived as a game, as if falls in childhood and then begins a hell of a job and struggle with own habits, trying to change something in yourself … Sometimes it is difficult, but very interesting! As they say, never too late to start) And what a program “for young lions”? That put the child up and send them to you!

Victor Kolbasov.

Touching the Business-Theater, you not only learn to understand themselves and others, you look at life with interest and joy!!! Vyacheslav, but without my photos on the site, please!

Tatiana Zrelova. General Director of JV "Dialogue".

“Business-Theater” is more than just acting for a serious businessman. This is a rare opportunity to develop the quality of its presentation to others and a sense of the world to himself. Fully get free, but keep in this role of business people. This is something that can teach how personal business attraction use more effective and can inculcate the habit turn to own bright personality, rather than start from the imposed advertising cliche.

Natalia Ushakova. Investment banker.

Education program of Business-Theatre in the legendary walls of the Moscow Art Theater School has presented a unique opportunity to meet a brilliant faculty and empathetic listeners. The program includes an organic presents the main objects of drama school. Particularly useful are the lessons elocution, because it clearly literate – a necessary part of the image of any business person. It was fun to try on different roles, situations, try out something new! Very useful course for those who want to cast your life and business situation with fresh eyes!

Constantine Dejurko. General Director of JSC "Unikma".

Education in Business-Theatre opened much to me himself. What I am and what and how you can do about it. This training is very important not only for business people. For example, it would be useful to conduct such training as part of standard curricula in schools and universities. This training does not impose anything, as sometimes happens in training. This study reveals the personality and closer to full value.