Acting skills

“One could sense his calm and harmonious strength
and indestructible core of powerful energy; and,
at the same time, he was soft and comfortable.”


Course task: to reveal your individual characteristics and help you to become a person who will simply “pull” people towards you. People will want to follow you, to communicate with you, do things together with you. The course will develop intuition and convey the knowledge of how to use it in communication with people.

The course program is aimed at acquisition of the following skills:
– to identify the main issue;
– to develop quickly the tactics for action;
– to reach effective decisions quickly;
– to present your ideas brilliantly;
– to act expressively;
– to construct your story;
– to make quick contact with partners;
– to enter into non-verbal contact with your partner;
– to capture your partner’s attention;
– to enjoy your partner’s confidence;
– to incline somebody towards having a meeting;
– to estimate the other person’s state;
– to read your partner’s information;
– to tell the difference between sincerity and falsity;
– to decide on your partner’s state;
– not to lose track of your idea, task and goal;
– to enter into the situation;
– to maintain your high capacity for work;
– to concentrate yourself;
– to relax;
– to inspire.

The Course in Acting Skills develops the following principal individual abilities:
– quickness and clarity of thinking;
– creative thinking;
– memory;
– attention and observation;
– communicative abilities.

Business people gain skill and develop their abilities in the process of acting onstage with the guidance of actor-teachers.


Note. People who exclude intuition from the processes of cognition and perception of the world receive no more than half of the true picture of real life.