“Simplicity and respectability.”

The Course task: gaining the skill to follow the rules adopted in society in order to achieve the purpose of effective communication.

Program: “Business Etiquette”

The Program includes the following topics:
– appearance of the businessman;
– basic principles of businessman’s etiquette: greetings, acquaintance, presentation, visiting card;
– official etiquette;
– etiquette during telephone conversations;
– business visits;
– etiquette during negotiations;
- business lunch, dinner, party;
– gifts in business life;
– foreign guests;
– receptions and banquets;
– etiquette in different situations: in the car, in the lift, on staircases, involving doors.

Program: “High Society Etiquette”

The Program includes all topics of the Program “Business Etiquette”, plus the following additional ones:
– bearing (detailed study) ;
– gestures (detailed study);
– gait (detailed study);
– etiquette in restaurants;
– etiquette at the theatre;
– guest etiquette;
– etiquette of table appointments;
– etiquette in food and drink;
– etiquette in smoking;
– protocol practice.
Note. Etiquette includes a substantial amount of knowledge and skills pertaining to different areas of social life. The proposed Programs of “Business Etiquette” and “High Society Etiquette” are especially developed to deal with the tasks most often performed by businessmen. The additional special programs may also be developed to meet your needs.