Why are these particular subjects taught in “Business-Theatre”?

All of us receive information by means of our sense organs.
Hearing and vision are the two main capacities which enable us to communicate. Our voice may have an effect on other people’s ears. Our appearance (clothes, accessories, hairstyle) and, mainly, our body (bearing, gait, poses, gestures, mimicry, gaze) have an effect on other people’s eyes. This shows that we have two principal tools of communication – the body and the voice. In accordance with this fact we offer two basic Courses in the “Business-Theatre” Training Program. They are the following:
After you have mastered these basic tools it is necessary to learn how to use them for effective communication, following the laws of human nature. The latter is the task of the key Course at “Business-Theatre” – COURSE “ACTING SKILLS”. The other principal aims of this Course are development of intuition and the skill to make use of it.
We should not forget that we live in a social community, which is characterized by definite “rules of the game”, historically originating in human physiology and psychology. These rules are especially critical in so-called “high society”. If you have relations with its representatives or enter into the business elite, then you need knowledge of these rules and the skill to use them in order to achieve your goal. The COURSE ”ETIQUETTE”.