What Business-Theatre is?

I think you may be puzzled about the meaning of “acting skills for businessmen”. Why do they need it? Will they be taught “how to put on masks and show off”? I’ll try to provide an answer that will make it clear. Why do businessmen need it? We give them practical assistance in performing one of the most complicated tasks in business: getting their way with people, getting what they want from people and, more exactly, eliciting desirable moods, thoughts and actions. We teach them how to manage other people in the widest sense of the word. In the majority … Read more

CEO and owner

For top managers, who seek to become owner.   “He is a bad soldier who does not want to be a general.” A.V. Suvorov.   Since the activities of our company is closely linked with business owners and top managers of companies, I had a great experience of communicating with them. Owner at once can be determined by an understanding of life, a sense of deep inner calm, confidence (not to be confused with arrogance, ostentatious “greatness”), by a sense of satisfaction from the implementation of planned and self-realization. The owner – a person who is in first place. He … Read more

Intuition and business

What is important in business? What makes money and success? Unusual solutions. New ways. Coordinated team. Ability to understand people. Read and understand the feelings and thoughts of people. Ability to build relationships. Do all these areas, all-powerful logic? The answer is well known – no. The logic is very important, but not all cases can be applied. But these cases are often crucial and decisive. Laws of life are united and working in all areas. And like most discoveries in science is done by an intuitive findings, and in business most successful solutions – the fruit of intuition. Successful … Read more

Interview for

InterviewFashion Collection: How did the idea to create a “Business-Theatre ” in Russia? Vyacheslav Frolov:  My own problems pushed to the plan. It was hard to communicate with people and I was looking for different ways to overcome this barrier. My friend was unique talent: through two hours of communication with unknown before people they became his friends and were ready to work with us and sign contracts. And it should be noted that these people were “high level”. FC: This ability is innate? VF: The ability to effectively communicate with others acquired in the first five years of life, … Read more

Speech at a meeting of rectors of schools MBA

Dear Colleagues, I am pleased to tell you about our company’s history, called “Business-Theater” and which was established with the support of Moscow Art Theatre School. We have been training business people acting. The idea was born to read. I worked as commercial director of a Russian company. In the process, I already knew how to develop the company’s growth strategy, marketing strategy, adjust business processes, but … faced with the fact that I missed something else in order to implement our plans! It’s one thing to know what to do and quite another to implement it with real people, … Read more

Secret weapon - handle with care!

1. What is taught in “Business-Theater”? We teach the businessmen the art of management of people at the most important, the personal level – at the level of emotions, feelings and subconscious. «Business-Theatre» develops skills that enable to successfully solve the most difficult task in the business – to seek from people desired, and more specifically, the desired mood, thoughts and actions. Possession of these skills is one of the secrets of the world elite and, through the transfer of which it remains so for many generations. Possession of these skills is an integral part of personal power in the … Read more